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In Budapest downtown, in an iconic building was recently opened the T62 Hotel, one of the newest hotels in the city center and it’s right in front of the Nyugati Railway Station, 9 min walk from the BOB22 festival venue.
One of the newest hotels in the city center. beautiful contemporary hotel rooms with bright colours but harmonic interior design reflects comfort and style. The spacious and in atrium located lobby lounge and bar features a vibrant „urban art” style created through the dominating Frida Kahlo’s montages on its walls. It makes this place a trendy and metropolitan meeting point on the bustling Grand Boulevard.
Address: 1066 Budapest, Teréz Krt. 62.
Book your rooms today at and use the promo code “ILOVEBUDAPEST” and save 15% off your room rate.

Must-see sites:

Heroes square
House of Parliament
Batthány square (photo point for the Parliament)

Chain Bridge
St Stephen Basilica (do not forget to go up to the panorama tower!)
The Great Synagogue
Buda Castle area
Great Market Hall
Baths (Széchenyi, Rudas, Gellért)

Budapest Eye on Erzsébet Square


 Bob’s sightseeing itinerary for Budapest
(3-4 hr by walking and public transportation)
Start your day at the buzzing Great Market Hall, try local products like the famous Lángos and mingle with the people – By taking the yellow tram 2 to the House of Parliament you can admire the breathtaking panorama of the Buda side with the Castle on the top of it – Take off at the Parliament, the most stunning building in the city – then continue your way to the St Stephen Basilica and do not forget to go up to the panorama tower! Believe us it’s worth the visit! – In a short walk you will reach the Opera House on the Hungarian Champs-Élysées– Andrássy Avenue –Take here the Millenium Underground (1st underground in Continental Europe and 2nd in the world!) to the Hero’s Square, Budapest’s most impressive square where – Now you have two choices: for some relaxing moments dip into the hot thermal water at the biggest spa complex in Europe, the Széchenyi Baths or take the underground back to the city center and discover the world of the so-called Ruin Bar district. Szimpla should be your first stop!


Budapest Card – A special offer from the city that gives: unlimited free travel on the public transportation system, discounts and free entry to many museums. Available for 24,48 or 72 hours. You can purchase it upon arrival at the airport or online at
Price: 12.990 HUF

Legenda – A pleasant time on board of our panoramic boat, sailing between the splendid vision of Buda & Pest.

BKK – Public Transportation Boat – You can enjoy the boat service of BKK (the Centre for Budapest Transport) with your single public transportation ticket. It’s a great deal and equals a sightseeing tour.

Best site for more information and insider tips:


Survival dictionary:


sör – beer [ʃør]

Igen! – Yes [igɛn]

bor – wine [bor]

Nem!– No! [nɛm] Szia!-Hi/bye-bye/see you [siɒ]

Köszönöm!–Thanks! [køsønøm]

Szép vagy! – You are beautiful! [se:p vɒʒ]

Szeretlek! – I love you! [sɛrɛtlɛk]

Egészségedre! – Cheers! [ɛge:s-ʃe:gɛd-rɛ]





Alcohol: with some exception you can’t buy alcoholic drinks after 22:00 in the 24/7 shops but you will always find clubs& bars open.
Cigarettes: look for the brownish and monstrous sign saying: “Nemzeti Dohánybolt” (National Tobacco shop). The closest one to your hotel is in the same street (Dohány utca 47) and is open 24/7.
Exchange rate: 1 EUR: round 400 – 410 Hungarian Forints
Money: at some places you can only pay in cash, so it’s always good to get some from an ATM you can find everywhere. Always check your money carefully, as some banknotes and coins look quite similar.
Tap water is absolutely healthy in Budapest – partly thankfully to the thermal waters
Taxi: It’s better to call one on +361 1 666 666, you can talk to an English operator and it arrives soon. Unfortunately Uber is not available in Hungary, Bolt (Taxify) is. Beware of the Freelancer taxis – always choose one that has a company logo.
Tipping etiquette is generally 10% for a good service. Still, do check the bill in a restaurant, as in some case service may already be added.

There is a direct shuttle from Liszt Ferenc International Airport to the city center (Deák Ferenc tér – actually it takes you straight to the party venueJ) number 100E. It has only 3 stops, so it takes you to the center in about 40 minutes. You can buy tickets at the bus station in the purple BKK ticket vending machines (available in several languages, accepting cards) or via the BKK mobile app: 

Price: 1500 HUF


There is a nother line, 200E which takes you to a terminus of metro 3, but we don’t recommend that due to metro line reconstructions and replacement buses.

Good deal if you travel with your friends. Reliable and quick and you can simply take it uponarrival at the Airport shuttle desk.
More info:

At the airport you will only find cars of the official taxi company, Főtaxi of the airport. In Hungary the Taxi Decree is regulating the price of the taxis at a fixed tariff of 400 HUF/Km (1 EUR/Km) in addition to the one-off basic fee of 1000 HUF (2.5 EUR) and also a waiting fee. A ride to the city centre should typically cost around 7000 – 8000 HUF (26 EUR) depending on traffic conditions.

More info: 

Good deal if you travel with your friends. Reliable and quick and you can simply take it uponarrival at the Airport shuttle desk.
More info:

The public transport in Budapest, operated by the company BKK, is a vast system of transport lines, with 4 metros, several bus and tram lines and 4 different inbound train lines. Most of the public transports inside the administrative boundaries of Budapest are usable with a single ticket, which is valid for one single uninterrupted trip on one travel line and can be purchased from the several ticket vending machines around town with the letters BKK on them, or ticket offices in every metro station. Purple vending machines accept cards and are available in several languages. During the period of validity, transfers are allowed on the Metro network. On the metro lines, the ticket must be validated before the trip, with designated ticket-punching machines located in the entrance of the metro area. On every other public transport lines immediately after boarding the vehicle. The simplest way of accessing public transport is using the Budapest Card which is valid on all of the city lines until the period of its validity (24,48 or 72 hours). Just fill out the card before you want to start using it!
More information on tickets and prices: Budapest Card;

MOL BUBI bike sharing system: You can become a MOL Bubi user if you pay the access fee to the public bike-sharing system: buy a 24-hour, 72-hour or weekly ticket or a quarterly, semi-annual or annual pass. Pick up a bike from any docking station with the help of the terminal or the sensor on the rear-side of the bike or by using the MOL Bubi mobile app. Click here for details.


Blinkee City: offers you motorbike and electric scooter sharing via mobile app. More info here! 


Segway Tours: Segway Tours Budapest Hungary’s first Segway tour operator, is happy to offer the wonderful experience of riding around the beautiful capital of Hungary.

In Budapest there are many reliable taxi companies but also plenty of taxis that do not belong to any taxi association („Freelancers”) and that you’d better avoid.


In Hungary the Taxi Decree is regulating the price of the taxis at a fixed tariff of 400 HUF/Km (1 EUR/Km) in addition to the one-off basic fee of 1000 HUF (2.5 EUR) and waiting fee. 

Thus it is not only adventurous to take a taxi on the street, the price has to be the same as if ordered via phone, but there is bigger chance catch a „hyena”. Allways choose a car with a company logo on top.

All serious taxi companies have a 24/24 dispatch number with English speaking operators so if you have the possibility, call a taxi on phone or ask someone to order it for you. Also, most of the companies have mobile apps.


Uber is unfortunately not available, but Bolt (Taxify) is.


BOB Team recommends one of the major Taxi companies, 6×6 Taxi that you can reach directly at: +361 1 666 666

The forint (Hungarian abbreviation is Ft and the international sign is HUF) is the official currency of Hungary. The name of the currency comes from the word Florence (The Italian City), where golden coins were minted from 1252 – called Italian coin florin.

Now 1 EUR = 400 HUF. More information on actual exchange rates.

International dial number of Hungary: +36, of Budapest regional dial number: 1 (so calling a Budapest phone from abroad would be +36 1 …)
International calls: 00 + dial number of country + telephone number
Cell phone calls: 00 + 36 + operate numbers (20 / 30 / 70) + telephone number (seven digits)
Home call: 06 + regional dial number + local telephone number
Telephone numbers: Budapest: seven-digit, countryside: six-digit

Central emergency number: 112
Ambulance: 104 (in English: 311 1666)
Fire: 105
Police: 107
Telephone Enquiries – International Operator: 190

Tobacco products can only be purchased at licensed tobacconists, the “Nemzeti Dohánybolt”.

Smoking is forbidden in indoor public spaces such as bars, restaurants and pubs, and out of doors in the following cases: in public transport stops, and within five metres from the entrance of businesses and workplaces. Elsewhere smoking is allowed at designated places only.

Alcohol consumption is forbidden in public spaces. Persons under 18 years of age cannot be served with alcohol, nor can they enter the tobacconists. Certain places of entertainment may also bar them from entering.

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