We have created a new workshop schedule concept that can help you to focus better and go deeper in 4 major topics. Lady styling, partnerwork, musicality or fusion of styles? Choose  and indulge yourself! This new system enables you to find out more both about the fundamentals of dance and the new trends. Would you like to improve your style or learn footworks? Do you love Afro or would you rather work on partnerwork? Saturday and Sunday will be full of interesting workshops! And if you’d like to go further, long for something new and fun with great instructors, go for the One minute challenges! 





As every year, BOB’s main feature is the intensive 6+1 hour choreography bootcamp designed for advanced On2 salsa dancers. The bootcamp is aiming to provide a unique opportunity for a concentrated and intensive development in musicality, technique and styling for small group of devoted dancers. This year BOB is starring another worldwide renowned duo: Fred Dancefloor & Coco Corinne. The primary aim of the bootcamp is not to perform the show, but the challenge itself and the development. Nevertheless if both Fred & Coco and the team decides so, there is an opportunity to perform at the Sunday closing party. One hour rehearsal is included in the time schedule.
 Maximum number of participants: 46 persons
The bootcamp is designed for advanced On2 salsa dancers.
The classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday.
The BOOTCAMP PASS includes 3 nights of parties (Friday-Sunday) and the Afternoon Socials.



3 different styles, 3 different instructors, 3 x 1 minutes of choreography challenge

Are you a fond of musicality? Do you like learning short choreographies, but a whole weekend bootcamp would big too scary? The One minute challenge speciality workshops are designed to give you a one-minute short musicality choreography  that you can learn easily and then dance-till-you-drop by the end of the workshop! Look for new challenges, step out of yout comfort zone and enjoy the connection of the music and the movements! And if you feel like showing yourself to the world, jump in for a battle at the party! Don’t forget, BOB will be with You 😉




Live your social life in Budapest!
Crazy good social dancers, fantastic DJs and pure vibes. Easy dancing – only fun! Come and jump in for some dances to the workshop venue! It will be accompanied by Hungarian wine specialities 😉

The Afternoon socials are included in all BOB PASSES.

If you don’t have a pass, at-the-door price: 1500 HUF / 5 EUR / day

Saturday, Sunday 16:00 – 19:00

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 41.





Botellon means „grab your bottle of wine, sit on a nice bench or in the grass, watch the stars, socialize, make new friends, care about your good old ones and share ideas, joy, positive vibes. On the dancefloor you won’t hear each other anyway 😉

Come and join in for a welcome drink right in front of the party venue on Erzsébet square, say cheers (or „egészségedre”) under the starlight sky and get into the mood with us!

This is the official Friday pre-party with Hungarian wines and pálinka.
The exact place of the BOB team will be specified in  our facebook event.

Friday, 21:00 – 23:00
Budapest, Erzsébet square



Mainly for party passers.

We, we all know how doeas it feel to party until 6 a.m. then have some short & effective  sleep and wake up around noon, when the sun is shining high and the city is already crawling and buzzling. All you need is good breakfast! J We would like to offer You a Sunday Brunch with delicious Hungarian food, fine ingredients  at a nice venue where you can fill up with energy and get ready for the some sightseeing and the afternoon social. Meet with other (sleepy) BOB dancers, grab a coffee and enjoy the „morning” sun!

Event: Sunday Brunch with BOB

Venue: Teátrum Bistro & Café, 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u.20.

Brunch time: 11:00 – 14:00

DJ: Dj Kris el Profesor


We are proud that we were the first salsa festival offering it’s own beer – SirBOB! It is not by mistake – since Levi, one of BOB’s Bosses is a big fond and expert of craft beers. He used to be part of the little team forming Synthesis brewery that offers every year a speciality beer to BOB.